The easiest and most recommended way to send a transaction is via SignAndSendTransaction. It is safer for users, and a simpler API for developers, for Broearn Wallet to submit the transaction immediately after signing it instead of relying on the application to do so.

However, it is also possible for an app to request just the signature from Broearn Wallet. Once signed, an app can submit the transaction itself .

Query String Parameters

        "transaction": "...", // serialized transaction, base58 encoded
        "session": "...", // token received from connect-method
    • transaction (required): The transaction that Broearn wallet will sign, serialized and encoded in base58.

    • session (required): The session token received from the Connect method.



  • data: An encrypted JSON object.

    // content of decrypted `data`-parameter
        transaction: "...", // signed serialized transaction, base58 encoded
    • transaction: The signed, serialized transaction that is base58 encoded. Broearn wallet will not submit this transactions.


An errorCode and errorMessage as query parameters. Please refer to Errors for a full list of possible error codes.

  "errorCode": "...",
  "errorMessage": "..."

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