In order to start interacting with Broearn Wallet, an app must first establish a connection. This connection request will prompt users for permission to share their public keys, indicating that they are willing to interact further.

Once a user connects to Broearn Wallet, Broearn Wallet will return the promise type param that should be used on all subsequent methods.

Query Function

// New Connect
// Check if the Dapp is linked to a wallet{
    session: '...'

Query String Parameters

Check if the Dapp is linked to a wallet

// Some code
    session: string



  • data: An JSON object.

    // content of decrypted `data`-parameter
      // base58 encoding of user public key
      "address": "BSFtCudCd4pR4LSFqWPjbtXPKSNVbGkc35gRNdnqjMCU",
      // session token for subsequent signatures and messages
      // dapps should send this with any other deeplinks after connect
      "session": "..."
    • address: The public key of the user, represented as a base58-encoded string.

    • session: A string type. This should be treated as opaque by the connecting app, as it only needs to be passed alongside other parameters. Sessions do not expire.

// Sample code
    "data": {
        "address": "",
        "session": ""


An errorCode and errorMessage as query parameters. Please refer to Errors for a full list of possible error codes.

    "errorCode": "",
    "errorMessage": ""

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