Once an app is connected, it is also possible to sign multiple transactions at once. Unlike SignAndSendTransaction, Broearn Wallet will not submit these transactions to the network.

Query String Parameters{
  "transactions": [
    "...", // serialized transaction, bs58-encoded
    "...", // serialized transaction, bs58-encoded
  "session": "...", // token received from connect-method
  • transactions (required): An array of transactions that PUT will sign, serialized and encoded in base58.

  • session (required): The session token received from the Connect method.



  • data: An encrypted JSON string. Refer to Encryption to learn how apps can decrypt data using a shared secret. Encrypted bytes are encoded in base58.

    // content of decrypted `data`-parameter
        transactions: [
            "...", // signed serialized transaction, bs58-encoded
            "...", // signed serialized transaction, bs58-encoded
    • transactions: An array of signed, serialized transactions that are base58 encoded. Broearn Wallet will not submit these transactions.


An errorCode and errorMessage as query parameters. Please refer to Errors for a full list of possible error codes.

  "errorCode": "...",
  "errorMessage": "..."

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